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My Breasts Are Different Sizes Am I Normal?

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Now what makes large breasts different than small breasts isn't the amount of breast tissue, isn't the amount of tissue that is able to lactate or produce milk during pregnancy, its how much fat is in the breast. Oh, okay, so really high. So our cup size that are fashionable or desirable depends on your ethnicity, your race, the culture of the times, but between A and DD, chicks with 1 boob, you're all normal. What's normal for breast size? It's better to count your blessings than to add or subtract from what you were given. This is "Am I Normal? Or do I have to go get them fixed? Occasionally, there are women, and this is quite rare, where one breast bud won't develop at all. So Asian women will have smaller breasts than Caucasian women. But being within 20 percent of volume, meaning one breast can easily be chicks with 1 boob percent smaller than the other.

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