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Finca La Celia

Finca La Celia was founded in 1890, when Eugenio Bustos, who was later to acquire land in the Uco Valley , starting constructing the winery. His daughter, Celia Bustos, inherited the property and with her strong personality and leadership work these lands to convert them into prosperous vineyards. The Malbec produced at our winery is a clear example of the conditions offered by the Uco Valley to produce excellent wines. In the year 2000, Finca La Celia became the first foreign affiliate of the vineyard San Pedro ( Chile ). The lands were acquired by the company part of the CCU group, leader in the business of drinks (beer, wine, grappa, soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral water). It was in this way that the winery was expanded, restored and equipped with French and Italian technology.

Who we are

Finca La Celia's purpose is to achieve high quality, elegant and personality wines which can be enjoyed and recognised by consumers all over the world. We are an international company present in more than 35 markets on the five continents with our brands: La Celia Reserve, La Consulta, Furia, Magallanes and Angaro. Every category satisfies the needs, preferences and requirements from different consumers. The winery is located in the Uco Valley - terroir historically known in the world of viniculture. The winery occupies more than 600 hectares of land and has high technology equipment.

Our wines

Finca La Celia's wines are the expression of a unique land in the world and the result of commitment from its winemakers with enological quality and tradition. Each one of them containing a deep link between land and man and are carefully produced to transmit this respect and charm. Elegant wines, harmonious, complex aromas that remind us of fruits and spices. Wines with structure, personality and varietal expression. Wines that remind us of unforgettable moments, wines of time, wines with history.

Our vineyards

The finca has a total area of 600 hectares. The plantations were designed for the production of high quality grapes, using an ideal thickness for them. The plants are selected clones from France. In the case of the Malbec variety, selected plants are used from the historic vineyards that form part of the old finca. The main variety of red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah. Amongst the white wine variety are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Semillón. Lastly, the rosé wines like in the case of Gewurztraminer.

Finca La Celia is located in the prided Uco Valley in the South-Western part of the Province of Mendoza in Argentina in an oasis and land of excellent vineyards and natural paradise at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range. This is a clear example of wine production at high altitudes as the lands are more than 1000 metres above sea-level at 33º 45' Latitude South and 69º Longitude West. The ground has a alluvial origin and the texture is sandy in all profile. They are slightly alkaline and the content has half organic material. They also have ideal drainage. The climate in this semiarid zone is mild to hot with the advantage of a very good thermal range with an average of 16ºC. This favours obtaining very good aromas and tannins. This zone stands out for its intense winters and hot summers. The Finca is supplied totally by melt-water coming from the River Tunuyán. The water is totally pure due to the close proximity of the Andes Mountain Range. 70% of the planted surface has a drop irrigation system. This system supplies is supplied by a dam with a capacity 50 million litres and a surface area of 2.5 hectares.

The winery

The winery is located in front of 600 hectares of vineyards, in a place of incomparable beauty at the foot of the Andes mountain range. The construction which has remained faithful to the original structure from 1890, has the most modern technology in machines from France and Italy . Our excellent equipment include stainless steel tanks and cement bowls covered in epoxi resin. The French and American oak barrels are placed in a specific area and under a temperature controlled system for the aging and maturing of our high range wines. A modern building was built which houses the bottling room, a systemised and aseptic space, in which a system of pipes transport the wine. The loading room can also be found in this place. The warehouse for the finished products is located in the last section.

Storage Capacity 6,5 MM litres
Production 4,8 MM litres
Bottling Line 3000 bottles per hour
Barrels More than 2500 oak barrels

Contact Us

BUSINESS ADDRESS BUENOS AIRES Zufriategui 3159 – 1603 – Vicente Lopez – Buenos Aires - Argentina Tel: +54 9 11 6818 9301
BUSINESS ADDRESS MENDOZA Av. España 1340 - 5500 - Ciudad - Mendoza - Argentina Tel: +54 261 4134400 / Fax: +54 261 4134422 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it /

Winery Location Av. Circunvalación s/n - 5569 - Eugenio Bustos - San Carlos - Mendoza - Argentina Tel: +54 2622 451010 / 12 / 96

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