adult koran angel fish are smart and become very personable. Enter a Saltwater Aquarium.">

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Koran Angelfish

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Eventually they will settle at the bottom as fry and start their colorful life apart from their parents. Jungle's YouTube Channel - Marine. I had the Koran which is slightly larger but the Koran was the most persistent and belligerent one. Spawning starts before sunset with females extending all her fins as she swims next to the male. Adding them to a tank that is at least 6 months old is advisable so there is plenty of live rock to graze on. It is one the best "first" fish adult koran angel fish those new to keeping large angelfish. Be prepared for quick growth, adult koran angel fish tamed and a fish with a lot of character. Description The Koran Angelfish or Semicircle Angelfish adult looks like someone outlined the body and gills in a bright, almost neon blue. That will prevent the parasite from completing its life cycle which includes the attachment to fish. The same is true for the pelvic fins.

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