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Brine shrimp

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These mature brine shrimp eyes are the main mature brine shrimp sense organ in adult brine shrimps. Mature brine shrimp eggs, also known as cysts, are metabolically inactive and can remain in total stasis for two years while in dry oxygen-free conditions, even at temperatures below freezing. The nauplius larvae are less than 0. Automixis is a form of thelytoky, but there are different kinds of automixis. Thelytoky is a particular form of parthenogenesis in which the development of a female individual occurs from an unfertilised egg. Scientists have taken the eggs of brine shrimp to outer space to test the impact of radiation on life. Aquaculture of brine shrimp. The ability of the Artemia to produce dormant eggs, known as cystshas led to extensive use of Artemia in aquaculture.

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