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Moby Dick; Or, The Whale by Herman Melville

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The Pequod gams next with the Bachelora Nantucket ship heading home full of sperm oil. Biographer Laurie Robertson-Lorant sees epistemology as the book's theme. Retrieved from " https: Melville biographer Delbanco cites race as an example of this search for truth beneath surface differences. The whale carcass still lies moby dick source the water. He was described as being gigantic moby dick source covered in barnacles. Second, Ahab's amateur swinger couples bi responses to the meetings plot the "rising curve of his passion" and of his monomania. This theme pervades the novel, perhaps never so emphatically as in "The Doubloon" Ch. The life buoy is thrown, but both sink. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms 4th ed.

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